State Anti-Drug Policy Strategy Summary

State Antidrug Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation will become a fundamental document in the sphere of the state antidrug activities.

Modern drug situation in Russia is characterized by widening of scales of illicit trafficking and non-medical use of highly concentrated drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamine-type stimulants, medicinal preparations, possessing psychotropic effect as well as their impact on spread of HIV-infection and viral hepatitis. All of this presents a serious threat to the state security, country economy and  population health.

Efficiency of the state antidrug policy is adversely effected by the absence of the state drug situation development monitoring system. Preventive activities, medical aid, medical and social rehabilitation of drug addicts are organized insufficient effectively. Potential of public associations and religious organizations isn't used in full scale.

The Strategy is directed at solving these and other problems existing in the sphere of counteraction to illicit drug trafficking and in the area of drug addiction prevention.

It is also aimed at significant reduction of illicit distribution, non-medical drug use and scales of consequences of their illicit trafficking.

Achievement of this aim will be implemented in the following directions:

-reduction of drug supply by purposeful suppression of their illicit production and circulation inside the country, counteraction to drug aggression;

-reduction of drug demand by improving the system of preventive, medical and rehabilitation activities;

-development and strengthening of international cooperation in the sphere of drug control.

It is expected that the adoption of the State Antidrug Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation will allow by 2020 considerably reduce the drug supply and demand, scales of consequences of their illicit trafficking, create the state drug situation development monitoring system in Russia, state non-medical drug use preventive system, modern system of treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts, effective system of counteraction to drug trafficking at the territory of the Russian Federation, reliable state control over licit circulation of drugs and their precursors.

The Strategy implementation is planned for 2010-2020.

Source: State Anti-Drug Committee of the Russian Federation