You are welcome at the official website of the Samara region Anti-Drug Committee.

The main target of this Committee is to develop and execute strategy on illicit drug trafficking. Organization of public awareness anti-drug campaign and liquidation of illegal drug trade are in our priority.

As one of the most vulnerable groups is children and adolescents we actively cooperate with public youth organizations and establish programs targeted at the youth integration in the struggle for healthy future.

The standpoint on the youth outreach was clearly specified by Victor Ivanov, the State Anti-Drug Committee Chairman: “….One of the most urgent threats in Russia is still spread of drugs. In response to the tense situation with drug-dealing the government takes all possible measures aimed at protection from it, first and foremost, of schoolchildren and young people.

Following the results of State Council Presidium meeting held on April, 18 2011, a considerable number of instructions made by the President of the Russian Federation were focused on developing new measures protecting the younger generation from drugs.

This year already there will be implemented a system providing early detection of drug and psychotropic consumption by students of general education schools and institutions of professional education. We plan to take special regular screening and preventive measures with the application of social-psychological tests together with instrumental verification. Such system will allow us to provide targeted and confidential help to those young people who have just started using drugs and protect their future from advancing drug habit as a disease…”.

Director of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, Victor Ivanov is the State Anti-Drug Committee Chairman.
Source: the SADC Chairman’s blog

Hotline in Samara (24 hours, anonymous)

(846) 335-66-88
Administration of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service of the Samara region

(846) 958-66-66; 958-22-58
Suicide and crisis hotline of Family and Child Welfare  Service

(846) 955-23-07
Round-the-clock consultations on drug addiction and alcoholism in Samara

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Samara Regional Narcological Dispensary